Let's Hoop for Lent!

Hooping Mummy has come about from the desire to start *doing* something for Lent instead of giving something up! This year I shall be hooping my way through a different tune every day for 40 days ~ Please feel free to come and join in or make your own hooping videos and send them to me to upload: amy@greaves-net.net

Monday, 25 April 2011

Day Forty-Seven - The Grand Finale!!!

THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!! I still can't believe how much fun this whole forty-something days has been. Thank you so much for getting involved, following my blog, buying hoops (which are still for sale!!) I never imagined that this whole hooping for Lent thing would take off like it has and I've loved every minute of it. I actually felt a bit lost today without my kitchen hooping ritual so I've just had a sneaky midnight hooping session whilst Daisy and Corgi are sleeping! 

Extra special thanks to everyone who took part in this final *Easter* video ~ Paul & Kathy for their beautiful garden, fabulous party and great food, the Zammits for their sheer enthusiasm, energy and craziness, my dear Daddy for filming and uploading this clip, Corgi for not shouting at me for scraping the paint off the kitchen wall and ceiling with my pink hoop (!), Daisy for her patience and sitting in her bumbo/walker everyday whilst I hooped for you guys, Tommy Dee for suggesting the blog. There's so many more people to mention but I'll stop there. I really hope you've enjoyed all the hooping madness and I'm thrilled it's inspired lots of you to pick up a hoop and start hooping!!! Keep it up ~ let's all be hoopy loopy-tastic this summer :-D Lots of love from Daisy & I xxxxx

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